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  • Daniel Sarfati

Agent Attrition is a Virus, so why are you giving Antibiotics to all your Agents?

Agent Attrition is hitting call centers hard, even more so at times when unemployment is low and opportunities to move on are plenty and available.

Call Centers who try to fight attrition are providing incentives to all their agents in an effort to improve the general employee satisfaction about their workplace. But at any given time “only” 5% of the agents are actively looking for a new job so 95% of the incentives are paid without having any immediate effect on attrition. Agents retention incentives are as expensive as they are ineffective, hence the 50% yearly attrition rate that is a standard in the industry.

Once incentives are paid to all the agents all the time they start being taken for granted and, pretty much like antibiotics, they stop being effective because agents become immune to their benefits.

When agent attrition is high, what you need is a vaccine against the problem, one that will activate only when the “attrition virus” appears in each single agent.

Using AI to predict which are the next agents that are going to leave lets you focus all the preservation efforts only on those agents. It maximizes the effectiveness of the incentives and makes sure they are appreciated by the agents receiving them.

Smart AI can be used to detect which agents are frustrated and at high risk of leaving, initiating a preservation process that can result in over 50% success.

If approached timely, unhappy agents don’t have the time nor the opportunity to find an alternative employment. They won't start venting their frustration with their peers, or generate a disruptive wave of discontent among the remaining agents.

Acting preemptively also ensures the containment activity is less expensive as it meets with a lower level of frustration. If applied successfully it avoids the snowball effect of an employee leaving and showing the way to his/her colleagues to leave as well.

Just like vaccinations, predictive AI activates at the first signs of the “attrition virus” and is effective because it acts only on the individuals affected by it.

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