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Heads up on developers engagement

Each developer has a unique pattern of work.

For each sprint they will commit code for the tasks they've been assigned for the day, the week, or the month. Most developers will develop their own rhythm, delivering a number of lines of code at certain times of the day or the week. 

Severe rhythm fluctuations correlate to the developer being distracted and progressively frustrated.

Change in rhythms become most extreme when a developer starts looking for a new job.

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A decision support tool

Applango measures the interactions between developers and professional software such as software repositories, bug tracking and internal chat by connecting to the existing logs. 
Applango applies research-grade AI instruments to find correlations between very weak signals and events that are statistically likely to happen in the near future.
For each developer we calculate several engagement level parameters and create a "work rhythm" which is specific to each person.
When those rhythms are drastically changed we provide alerts to managers, usually weeks in advance of any dramatic event such as a resignation, to help them decide how to approach the upcoming situation.

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