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Salesforce™ Police: There Is a New Sheriff in the Cloud

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 31, 2016 11:00:00 AM / by Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch

Sheriff-01.pngWhen we are talking with potential clients and they see how applango can show them very detailed information on their users behavior within Salesforce they make the comment, “so you are like the Salesforce Police”.

After hearing it enough times, there might be something to it. The police monitor the public's behavior and if there are people that are not behaving, then the police intervene. This keeps the general public safe.

In Salesforce, if there are users that are ‘misbehaving’, we intercede. Misuse of Salesforce can affect the rest of the users, and the entire ecosystem. Bad data, wasted licenses, inaccurate reports hurt everyone. Let’s take a look at this LAW & ORDER analogy.


Police are There “To Serve And Protect”

With auto traffic, the police are there to keep everyone safe. If there are some drivers that are speeding down the road, causing unsafe conditions and accidents, then the police step in to stop that behavior. The police report any infractions to the Judge who then decides what corrective action should be taken.

Applango is Installed “To Observe And Report”

With CRM usage and data, applango is there to keep everyone’s reports safe. If there are users that are stuffing bad data, out-of-date information, or causing inaccurate reports, applango will alert leadership so that the behavior can be corrected. Applango reports to management who then decides what corrective action should be taken.

We Asked a Few Salesforce Thought Leaders Which Behaviors Would Warrant Tickets:

“Not searching before creating - 1st offense you are off with a warning. 2nd (and each subsequent infraction) is a delay in commission check being paid ;)... kidding about the docking of commission, but it would be nice if I had that power!” - Daniel Grossberg

“Users creating a new Account or Contact record before searching if it already exists in the system” - Fabrice Cathala

“Having unnecessary (abandoned, unused) fields on the screens - cluttering up everyone's views, confusing new employees, and making the use of Salesforce1 on a mobile device nearly impossible. Eliminate that clutter!” - David Giller, Brainiate

“My main pet peeve is people creating temporary configuration changes and then never deleting them after they don't need them anymore” - Alex Sutherland, CRM Science

“I am most irritated when users ask for a new password...neglecting to see the "Forgot your password" link right on the login screen..😂😂” - Amy Oplinger (AKA SalesforceAMY)

“Not yielding to right of way eg. Least outgoing person has a good idea but the team refuses to listen.” - Elinor Stutz, Inspirational Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and Sales Consultant at Smooth Sale, A Sales Training Company

And over on reddit we got responses like:

“Making every single user a System Admin.” from I__Need__Scissors_61

“Repurposing a SalesForce user for a new employee instead of creating a brand new user.” from jason__

“Having 45 profiles for an org with 12 users.” from boomerxl

“Admin behavior or Muggle behavior? Admin: Creating tons of fields with no descriptions, pulling them from layouts and just letting them sit there, rotting. Muggles: Saving every report they make to Unfiled PublicIt's possible I'm a bit too anal about my Org's tidiness.” from antiproton

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Tim Lynch

Written by Tim Lynch

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