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Real AI at work

Applango utilizes readily available software logs from ERP, CRM and IVR to predict which agents show signs of frustration and may be looking for a different employment.
An advance warning offers a chance to intervene and correct situations before agents are gone.

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Advance warning on agent's frustration

Activity logs provide an automatically normalized baseline to compare people's activities not only among peers but also for the same person over time. They are a clear signal of an employee’s happiness or frustration and can usefully be related to productivity and effectiveness. 

When correlating activity data with significant events, especially in large organizations, the trends measurable through activity data can be used to predict dramatic outcomes such as an employee resigning for instance. 

Applango's sophisticated AI algorithms can be trained to find recurrent patterns and predict in advance future events so that negative outcomes can be mitigated improving happiness and effectiveness at work. 

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