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Imagine being able to predict customer experience...

Applango's AI analyzes Call Center operations and predicts problem areas before they happen.



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Operational Efficiency in Contact Centers

With Applango, Call Centers get the best of both worlds:
Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction.

Streamline processes with Applango AI to achieve 
faster ticket resolution and lower escalation and return rates.

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How It Works

Applango AI analyzes hundreds of KPIs and activities to find hidden patterns in every day operations.

The data is presented to you in a live dashboard inside Applango that is updated daily. All data is stored for as long as you're using Applango, allowing you to analyze trends over time.

You can easily monitor specific users' behaviors and usage by creating custom groups.

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Applango - How It Works

Why Use Applango?

Customer Experience

Applango predicts early on which customers are starting to be frustrated with the service and lets you intervene before the situation escalates and become unmanageable.

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Control Cost

With Applango, you know what users and processes need attention and which do not. This information empowers you to optimize training, consulting, and programming costs.

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Eliminate Waste

When salespeople are not properly utilizing, they create waste on misused or underutilized subscriptions. Companies we work with typically find 30% savings only after a few months of using Applango. For an organization with 200 Enterprise users, that’s an annual saving of $90,000!

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Predict Agent Attrition

Applango provides lists of agents most likely to leave so that managers have the time to start agent preservation procedures.

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240,000 less escalations per month for Telecom Customers

By reducing escalations by 27%, a 4,000-person call center realized gains of over US$4 million in just 12 months, while massively increasing also customer satisfaction

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Handover reduction

A client increased its usage by almost 100% in only 3 months

Applango helped its clients focus on users that needed to increase overall usage and feature adoption. Through a mix of motivation and training, as well as personal examples from management.

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A client increased its usage by almost 100% in only 3 months

Call Center predicts Agent Attrition

With advance warning on agent frustration a call center is able to intervene early and preserve talent.

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Agent attrition chart

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