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Applango for Adoption

Today, adoption rates are typically measured by login frequency.
But what are your users really doing with SaaS
applications such as Salesforce, Box, and Google Apps? 


Increase adoption rates

Accurately measure adoption rates and get detailed reports on exactly how employees are using the system. Increase adoption rates by identifying users who are stuck or not fully using the system.


Enforce business processes

Identify deviations from standard business processes by users and provide training and corrections. When your business data is accurate, you make better business decisions. When customer data is complete, you can provide superior customer service and support.


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Applango for Sales Management

Increase CRM system adoption

Typically, 63% of your sales force is not using the CRM system according to process. Identify those who are using the system erratically, improperly, or not at all, even if they login occasionally.


Enforce business processes

Allow managers to make timely and informed decisions. By increasing usage of your sales CRM systems, you ensure that the data in your repository is accurate and updated and that business decisions are made on solid ground to support your business in the best possible way.


Improve business decisions

By increasing usage of your sales CRM systems, you ensure that the data in your data repository is accurate and timely. Business decisions made on the basis of this data will be intelligent and improve your business.


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