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Applango lets you take control of your largest unmeasured,
unmonitored and unmanaged expense.

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“I know that 30% of my SaaS spend is wasted. I just don’t know which 30%.”

A Fortune 500 CFO, describing his need for Applango

Flying blind in the cloud

Are your SaaS apps working for you?

Your critical processes are on SaaS or will be soon. Sales, Marketing, HR, Engineering, Production. Also your collaboration tools and most of your communications run on SaaS.

You are spending big bucks on SaaS licenses but are they being used? Do they fit your needs? Can you get rid of some? Are your processes covered?

How does this impact your business?


Our SaaS solution

Know exactly how your team uses SaaS

Applango provides critical business intelligence through analysis of SaaS usage.

See your usage across your SaaS portfolio and utilize Applango analytics to make SaaS work for your business.

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